My Practice
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

My training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy enables me to help people explore deep feelings.  I aim to help clients identify issues in their lives which might contribute to recurring difficulties and which are often rooted in childhood. I bring my experience of psychoanalytic practice to all of my therapeutic work, acknowledging that many people prefer to choose time-limited focused therapy.


I have extensive experience of working with adults affected in any way by adoption. I am registered with OFSTED as an individual ASA. My most recent inspection in Summer 2019 gave overall ‘good’ in all aspects. I am a member of the Consortium of Adoption Support Agencies. I have been an Independent Member of a Local Authority Adoption Panel for more than 15 years.

Statement of Purpose

  • I work with prospective adopters prior to or during assessment.
  • I also provide a safe place for individuals and couples who are experiencing difficulties with a current placement and for those who have who have experienced the disruption of an adoptive placement.
  • I can help adult adoptees who may have had a life experience which has aroused curiosity about their past to work through previously unexplored feelings.
  • I have offered support to clients who have had a reunion with a family member which has had unexpected emotional consequences.
  • On occasions, I have counselled clients who may have relinquished a baby either recently or in the past, or had a child removed from their care.
  • I also have wide experience of dealing with issues around infertility, and am a member of the British Infertility Counselling Association